Chris Allen – All We Got

Found myself listening to my guy Chris this morning, and this is very appropriate for today’s Election Day in my opinion. Play this before hitting the polls.


Canary In A Coal Mine

DJ Deazil – Throwback Thursday (Vol. 1)

Your Driveway

Studio Live Stream

Thanks for watching, we’ll do this again soon. 



I was not proud of me. Sometimes other people would say it and commend things that I had done, but it all just bounced off me because I was so unsatisfied with what I was doing day-to-day. I was so numb to praise. Hell, I was even numb to rejection.

I dropped out of college for a year, thinking that was what was weighing me down. I told myself I was doing it to take music seriously, but that was a lie I repeated far too often. Now I’m taking it seriously; then I was working a miserable job in the Morgantown Mall and putting on a shit ton of weight out of stress. It was pretty pathetic. I spent money I made on lots of jewelry, designer clothes, and liquor, all in an attempt to escape who I was. The music we were making was so angry. I was so angry, but I didn’t know where my anger was directed.

Thank God that’s over.

It took almost a full two years to figure myself out, but I finally have. I am so content with the person I have become to this point. I’m not content with where we’re at creatively, where we’re at financially, or with the life I’m living yet, but I am very content with myself and my direction. I’m very happy about it. I occasionally smirked for years. Now I laugh.

That’s what this is, a declaration of who I am and a culmination of what I’ve become over the years. No more empty material desires; I’m back to keeping it cozy. I’m back to running shit ‘round here. Keeping it cozy is keeping it true to myself. Sweats and Minnetonkas out in these streets bitch swag swag swag what you know about it.

I’m sorry we went anywhere, but now I’m back motherfucker. The return of The Cozy One

DJ Deazil – Netflix & Chill

Deazil’s newest mix, along with the homies DJ Blustar, DJ Breezy, & DJ Fat Mack. Click here artwork to stream & download.